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Your Business  is our Business

Ennoble Spaces is ready to elevate your business space. We know that you want your space to convey a professional appearance – competent and spotless. We provide cleaning services to all office sizes and corporate premises.​
For your convenience, we provide contracts for commercial cleaning. In most cases, we’ll provide all cleaning products and tools. However, if you have specific products you want us to use that won’t be a problem. We create custom cleaning solutions based on your needs. No organization or business is too large or too small for us. We have the staff and the equipment we need to clean any size company. Ennoble Spaces have confidence that our service is among the best. Every visit we ensure each item below is done on our cleaning service checklist.


Your Environment Matters


Ennoble Spaces is a full-service cleaning company. Our office cleaning services are designed to work around your company’s schedule. A clean office helps increase productivity while reducing instances of employee illness. We will customize the cleaning process to fit your needs and space.



  • Empty Trash Bin            

  • Replace Trash Bags

  • Sanitize Door Handles

  • Vacuum All Carpets

  • Vacuum & Mop Floor

  • Dust Work Station



  • Clean Toilets

  • Wipe Down Mirror

  • Clean Shower Head

  • Clean Shower

  • Clean Sinks

  • Clean Soap Dish

  • Vacuum & Mop Floor



  • Vacuum and Mop Floor

  • DustFurniture&Decorations

  • Vacuum Couch & Chairs

  • Empty and Fill Trash Cans


  • Clean Inside Refrigerator

  • Oven Cleaning

  • Clean Baseboards

  • Clean Inside Cabinets

  • Clean Inside Trash Cans

  • Clean Interior Windows

  • Shine Hardwood Floor


The cleaning of the breakroom receives the same services as office cleaning and there are additional items to be considered. For example, break rooms often have refrigerators, coffee makers and microwaves of which we clean the inside of and sanitize the outside to prevent germ transfer or allergic reactions.​

Your employees deserve it!



  • Dust Furniture

  • Dust Chairs

  • Clean Tables

  • Vacuum & Mop Floor

  • Empty Trash Bag

  • Replace Trash Bag

  • Wipe Door Knobs

  • Clean Phones

  • Clean Refrigerator

  • Clean Microwave

  • Clean Coffee Maker

  • Clean Backsplash



  • Dust Cabinet Doors

  • Clean Countertops

  • Vacuum Area Rugs

  • Polish Cabinet Doors

  • Vacuum & Mop Floor




Wet Wiping Light Bulbs


Excessive Mold


High Reach Areas


Washing Dishes

Putting Dishes Away

Moving Heavy Furniture


  • Oven Cleaning

  • Clean Baseboards

  • Clean Inside Cabinets

  • Clean Inside Trash Cans

  • Clean Interior Windows

  • Shine Hardwood Floors 


In retail, the line between a successful sale and a lost opportunity all comes down to the details: details like the neatness of your floors or the cleanliness of your bathrooms. We offer deep cleanings and regular cleanings. Our services let customers shop comfortably and employees work without distraction. Plus, professional cleaning helps ensure your store remains safe for customers. That’s why retailers across Georgia turn to Ennoble Spaces for their cleaning needs. Our professional equipment and standards ensure an exceptional cleaning on every visit by our cleaning specialist.​


Salon cleaning is more than just sweeping hair off the floor. Ennoble Spaces is here to ensure salons don't just look clean but are cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected on a regular basis. We offer salons deep cleaning and regular cleaning, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Due to COVID-19 we strongly recommend deep cleanings every visit to ensure your space stays sanitized. We understand that your clients are your priority, that is why we make you and your space ours. Cleaning is very time-consuming and we are here to do the job for you to prevent different types of germs and diseases from transferring in your salon so you can run your business.​ 


Event venues are some of the most trafficked facilities which require the most attention and staff to upkeep the image and cleanliness of the facility. At Ennoble Spaces, we take pride in providing full support to many local event venues. No job is too-big or too-small for Ennoble Spaces.


People never really notice when a restroom is sparkling clean. They simply use the facilities and leave. But they will absolutely notice when it’s dirty or smells has and the unpleasant association can extend to your entire business. Ennoble Spaces restroom cleaning services let you stay focused on running your business, while we focus on your restroom


It is imperative for banks to have regular cleaning services and Ennoble Spaces is here, excited and ready to elevate your environment. This is a space where dirty money is exchanged and has a lot of traffic daily. We are familiar with special trash removal procedures for financial institutions and understand the sensitive nature of “teller trash” and confidential documents. We also understand high-security demands and have experience working with alarm and coded access systems.