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Best Cleaning Service Provider, Home, garden and laundry

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In this day and age, single mothers have one of the most thankless jobs. They work tirelessly to care for their home while juggling work and everything in between that life throw at them. Lakisha Chapman, the owner of cleaning service Ennoble Spaces, knows about this struggle firsthand. A single mother with strong faith, she made it her mission to help care for some of this country’s most overlooked and vulnerable.

It was placed in her heart to start to Elevate Her Space, a program under She Empowers Her and partnered with Ennoble Spaces to help these women. Elevate Her Space is a program that offers one single mother a month to receive the full cleaning services of Ennoble Spaces, with a deep clean that will clean their house from top to bottom as the mother gets a day off to enjoy for herself.

At Elevate Her Space, our main priority is women. Women are at a high risk of depression, with single mothers being at the top of the list for that. We strive for women to not have to struggle with this, but until then we will do what we can one cleaning at a time,


mother coming home to a perfectly clean house, one that she will not have to clean beyond just picking up for a long while, will give a boost to these marginalized women. Chapman understands not only the struggle of being a single mother, but what it is to be a minority woman in today’s world, one in five women suffers from depression, and less than half receive treatment.

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Provide cleaning & organizing services for single mothers with a day off from cleaning to relieve their stress.


To lower the risk of depression among mothers while offering a vital service in the home

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Give Mom a spa day, to be treated like the Queen that she is, with a full day of specialized treatment just for her.

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Raise awareness of the risk of depression and anxiety with women and single mothers while offering a solution.

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Chapman wants to grow this program even further by offering more services to working mothers. Spa days, services for kids, anything that can be offered to a woman who is juggling entirely too many balls at once just a moment of breathing room.


We would love your help. As a sponsor of this vital program, you would be giving a single mother the day off that she fully deserves while allowing Chapman to be able to continue the work that she does so passionately in the name of God and her own family. Services such as this can not continue without much-needed sponsorship and volunteers. If this program speaks to your heart please contact us for further information. Let’s empower and elevate women to their next level

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