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Elevate Her Space is a women's initiative, founded by LaKisha Chapman. Being the CEO of Ennoble Spaces, Chapman wants to see women win in every area of their lives. Through this initiative, she aims to help single mothers who are trying hard to maintain the work-life balance and constantly dealing with the other pressures of life win.


It was placed in Chapman's  heart to start Elevate Her Space, a program under She Empowers Her, partnered with Ennoble Spaces to help women. The initiative helps single mother's quarterly with a residential or commercial deep cleaning services while the mother gets a day off to enjoy for herself.

In this day and age, single moms are having a tough time, working tirelessly to care for their home while juggling work and everything in between that life throws at them.  Chapman,  knows about this struggle firsthand. She has always had a heart for women and has made it her mission to help them win.



Elevate Her Space


Elevate Her Space wants to grow this initiative even further by providing furniture & beds, giving free cleanings monthly and providing self care services to single mothers who work, are ill or disabled. 


Our Vision
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Helping Women Win

To help single moms win in life by providing free cleaning services that in turn allows moms to enjoy a day of self care.





Lend a Helping Hand

If you would like to nominate yourself or another mom to receive a free cleaning who are single, working, ill or disabled, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below with details and we will get back with you shortly.

Our Mission

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Help us Help Her

We would love your help. As a sponsor of this vital initiative, you would be giving a single mother the day off that she fully deserve and helping Ennoble Spaces to continue this initiative. Let’s empower and elevate women to their next level by helping them win.

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She Overcame

everything that was 
meant to destroy her


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