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Ennoble Spaces cleaning company, offers a broad spectrum of full-service janitorial and custodial services to a variety of businesses and industries. From commercial office properties, education campuses, daycares, etc, Ennoble Spaces is here to handle your cleaning needs.

We're here to provides expert office cleaning whether you are a small business, a large national corporation or a government agency.


After – renovation clean-up can be a hassle, so allow Ennoble Spaces to take care of that for you. Let us help you, elevate your environment and get rid of the dust left behind after construction. Using our systemic approach to cleaning, we ensure that every surface and ledge will be wet wiped down to minimize the amount of residual dust – leaving your home or business dust-free, smelling great, and looking good.


With school budgets getting tighter, Ennoble Spaces is an affordable partner of schools and daycare centers. Our janitorial services improve the appearance of any school. We can work on any schedule, as well as handle extra cleanings after special events.

We give special attention to restrooms, water fountains, and high-traffic and high-touch areas. Ennoble Spaces, makes your security and safety a top priority, so our cleaning specialists are uniformed to make them easily recognizable. In addition to our usual services, we sanitize locker rooms in schools.


Educational facilities come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types, each with its own cleaning requirements. Cleaning services required for schools also present challenges not found in other industries.

Classrooms, lecture halls, dining areas, hallways, and bathrooms all require custodian services that address each zone systematically for a thorough clean. The proper school cleaning boosts the health and safety of students, faculty, and administration, which is paramount in reducing absenteeism. And a clean-looking school provides a good first impression for parents considering your facility for their children.


If you own or manage a commercial property such as a multi-tenant office building, condo, or apartment complex, the cleanliness of your property-managed building is critical to both attracting new tenants and keeping your current ones happy. Hiring a janitorial services provider experienced in property-managed commercial facilities offers the best path to ensuring your building will be cleaned to your standards.

Keep your property-managed building looking exceptionally clean with services provided by Ennoble Spaces, a locally-owned and operated cleaning company that is known for serving in excellence and has delivered high-quality, customized cleaning solutions for property-managed, multi-tenant commercial buildings. Whether it is day-to-day cleaning, handling diverse tenant needs, adjusting for vacancies, Ennoble Spaces, gives you the confidence that our services will meet the expectations of you and your tenants.


A professionally cleaned property has a direct impact on your reputation and customer impressions. When customers enter your properties, use the amenities and restroom, they quickly judge cleanliness with their eyes and nose. A clean environment can help customers and tenants feel more comfortable. Ennoble Spaces would love to help elevate your environment.

  • Office Cleaning

  • Post Construction Cleaning

  • Regular Cleaning

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Event Cleaning


Spiritual matters are a priority at Ennoble Spaces. From cleaning the seats and pews, the sanctuary, to more general concerns about the overall cleanliness of facility event rooms and entryways, your facility is more than a building, it’s a gathering place – a place of refuge and celebration, and an active part of the community.

Whether it is a church, synagogue, mosque or another place of worship, you need Ennoble Spaces cleaning company. We take special care to ensure your nursery is in top shape so members and visitors feel comfortable leaving their children there during services. We are a service provider that not only understands your needs but meets them with a high level of excellence, cleaning and flexibility that you and your members will enjoy.


We are very proud to be partnering with other leading commercial cleaning companies,  providing  services to municipal, state and federal government buildings. Our carefully screened staff is able to meet any specific security requirements.

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