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Our Story...

Ennoble Spaces is a female-owned and operated professional cleaning company, serving residential and commercial spaces; specializing in elevating your environment. We have been in business for four years and we plan on elevating your environment for many more, continuing to serve in excellence, providing our clients with a cost-effective strategy for the best results in a reasonable amount of time.


We’re successful because we have an ear to hear, a heart to care and a mind to win. We keep our clients happy and satisfied by giving 100% client satisfaction, implementing our 24-Hour Warranty ensuring you are completely satisfied. Licensed, bonded and insured, we're here, ready and excited to serve you and we look forward to elevating your environment.​

Our Vision

See it. Achieve it!

Our Core Values
We’re committed to winning!

Ennoble Spaces mission is simply to win and be the best. To achieve it, our team provides excellent service on every job- all the while achieving the highest cleaning standards and competitive pricing. Our core values are straightforward and reflect our company.


With every client and job, no matter the size, our cleaning specialist incorporates the highest quality control for cleaning, which is grounded by our core values of safety, integrity, care for our employees and excellence.


  • Fully Insured

  • Cleaning Checklist

  • Covid-19 Certified

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Professional House Cleaning Certification

  • Licensed by State of Georgia

  • Supplies Provided

Our Mission

Ennoble Spaces is committed to providing the highest quality of residential, commercial, and janitorial services by actively embracing our core values:


Doing the right thing, every time. Uncompromising standards of integrity and ethical conduct; build lasting relationships through communication, honesty, respect, and trust.


Recognize that our greatest asset is our cleaning specialist by providing them with opportunities and support to help them reach their full potential, fostering personal responsibility in the process.


Consistently delivering on expectations, through constant improvement of our services and attitude to achieve excellence. Providing a 24-hour guarantee and remarkable skills so that we provide high-quality services and excellent customer service.

Ennoble Spaces will be one of the most successful woman owned company of choice for residential, commercial and janitorial services by exceeding customer expectations and providing excellent service and communication. We will provide and create opportunities that will help other women win.

Keep Elevating.

We Serve You As a Team

We work together.

Every client’s need and space are unique, which requires different estimates.

We may need to visit your home or business to provide an accurate quote, ensuring we met all of your needs. We come fully equipped and ready to work. We offer two to three cleaning teams for your home and commercial spaces so that your home or office is thoroughly cleaned and ready for a busy workday ahead.


For large offices or deep cleaning services, Ennoble Spaces will send in a team of experts to get the job done in an efficient and timely manner! Considering the fact that every office is unique with different timings, we offer flexible cleaning schedules and after-hour services to ensure that you and your employees are not inconvenienced during work hours.

We Follow Up

We Care.

Ennoble Spaces job is not done until we know that you are 100% satisfied. Once our team has finished cleaning and you’ve had a chance to survey your home, we will follow up with you to ensure that you're happy and your expectations were met.

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